We would like to introduce our new director of marketing: Israel Route!

Israel Route is the director of marketing at Blue Phoenix Media where his position is to create innovative ways to assist clients with finding ways to build and grow their business. Prior to joining Blue Phoenix, Israel earned his degree in Liberal Arts with his major in Communications from Tulane University in New Orleans. While at Tulane he served as the Co-Director of the Devlin SAF-E Center where he organized community involvement/giveback events and activities for student athletes. After leaving Tulane he gained professional experience in the NFL as a defensive back for the Detroit Lions (07-08′), where he also participated in many charitable events for sponsorship and fundraising. His various experiences in the field of marketing and event management led to his participation with the Jordan brand and Nike to solicit its merchandising through camps and developmental programming. To his credit Israel Route has gained ample experience from freelance work in marketing and business development with non-profit organizations to small businesses and corporations. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Israel also serves as a coach, mentor, and life coach for youth, teens, and adults in his community, greater Atlanta area, and state of Georgia.